About Sooted Star

The golden grassy plains on our Earth (or at least an alternate dimension of it) aren't what they seem. In them lies one small portal leading to a strange realm. Though it appears to be the same grassy plains, this realm is different. Many islands jut out from the monochrome sea of grass. Scattered throughout the realm and among the islands are many portals that each lead to one of five planets attached to the realm, each in its own dimension of reality. 


The two largest islands in the realm house two opposing pinnacle cities called Rokon and Risenen. These two cities have their grasp on respective portals and territories on each of the 5 planets.

The two cities of Rokon and Risenen vie for power. Why? Because Risenen's people have supernatural powers called "senergie," while Rokon's citizens, formerly powerless slaves of the senergians, now possess advanced technology. They will stop at nothing to prove who's stronger.


Join in the journey with a colorful set of characters who live in this realm - the Realm of Sooted Star - through character, environment, and other concept building.

See the concept art here.

Listen to the audio here.