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Updated: Aug 31


"Your OC: In Their World" Sept. 1 - Sept. 30, 2020

HOW TO DO (aka soft rules):

■ This challenge will mostly take place on Instagram, but please feel free to do the challenge elsewhere or even just for personal satisfaction! ■ Before you start this challenge, I highly encourage you to share this post. If you don't want to draw but have artist friends, please let them know about this. The more people, the more fun! ■ Every day, follow the prompts listed in the photo above ■ If you are on social media, then on your posts for the challenge please tag #jaecadinWBSeptember (I don't have a huge platform but I'd love to share any work people do!)

Donate to jaecadin here.

See jaecadin's art challenge drawings soon!

Find all the information you need about visual art and electronic music commissions in this post! 20% of proceeds per commission will go to BLM, COVID-19, and Climate Change relief organizations.

To get a commission or just give support in general, go to

Support is much appreciated. Though if you're in financial hardship in any way, I will be very sad to take your money. Support yourself so you can support others later, eh?

Many big thanks!