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Wondering what's been up lately?

My latest projects for November have been the National Novel Writing Month challenge (NaNoWriMo) and lots of small art contests to keep in practice drawing other people's characters.

Please take a look at some of the work!

Art Contest Sketches:

Art Contest Colored:

NaNoWriMo Special Sneak Peek:

Check out my profile on the official NaNoWriMo website here!

Take care, stay safe!

~ Aber

#jaecadinWBSeptember The challenge? So far so good. Here is an update for days 1-11!

Day 1: OC & intro

  • OC: Zeijien

  • Species: ??

  • Gender: ?? Pronouns are the story default: "zei/en"

  • Living place: Rokon, in the Sooted Star Realm (SSR)

  • Narrative positive traits: kind, wise, spontaneous

  • Narrative negative traits: perfectionist, unmotivated

Day 2: Other OC (friends, etc) & intros

Day 3_ Main OC's living space

Day 4: A road in their city/town/rural

  • Will color later since it's very hard to tell what everything is. But let's just say there are wall gardens, sky roads, and portals.

Day 5: OC's family Interaction + Day 6: OC & friends hangout spot

  • These days are combined since Zeijien's friends are huir (pr. "hear") family and they like to hang out in downtown Rokon square often.

Day 7: OC's favorite creature of myth

  • I'll give you a hint, it isn't the dragon. They are the creepy eyes (ft. Zeijien in the form of a dragon passively pondering).

  • Aecadian's voidlings

  • Messengers of the god, Aecadian.

  • Often manifests on objects people typically write on.

  • They see... a great many things.

Day 8: Doing the prominent cultural combat style

  • Long before the exergians (people without senergie) had technology, they developed a method of hand-to-hand combat with the purpose of dampening the effects of senergie. Of course, it wasn't all that helpful because senergie is way more powerful, but there's still something to it.

Day 9: Doing a common greeting vs personal greeting

  • "Common" greeting is actually more like a formal greeting.

Day 10: Interacting w/ animals common in the area.

  • There are plenty of ketstis in the area, much like cats but they have an affinity for jumping long distances and underwater "sonar" with the whisker-like things on their heads. The birds are similar in that they dive for fish, as indicated by the pouches under their necks and the fake extra eyes to trick the fish that have evolved to know when a gaze is directed at them, though the birds will eat things other than fish, much like ravens and crows.

Day 11: Interacting w/ strangers

  • Sometimes you've got no choice when you're not the same species..except avoid saying "disease." When in doubt, the vaguer the better.

Atrius, a Sooted Star Realm resident

Ready for some substantial worldbuilding? Up now are pages dedicated to a world-building project I've been working on for years, titled Sooted Star. Ever since it started off as a seedling of a novel when I was around 14-years-old, it's grown substantially in terms of its characters, world structure, and ideas in general. I've reworked many parts of it over the years, starting and restarting the novel several times before resolving on a solid path. It's now got a full timeline and hundreds of pages of content.

Though I won't post parts of the novel on this website, I will post concepts belonging to the Sooted Star world on the live page called "The World of Sooted Star," which you may access through the tabs on the bar at the top of this website or down below linked in blue.

Many thanks! And happy worldbuilding.